Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Create A Project with SQL Service Reporting Services 2012

SSRS by Microsoft is a software system that helps in generation of the report. It has in store various tools that help in creating, managing and deployment of reports. There are various features that help in customization of reports. Over the years, Microsoft has upgrades the reporting services and enhanced the efficiency of the reporting services. While speaking of the SSRS 2012, it has many new features in comparison to the previous ones. Power view helps to interact with the data and visualize the same in an intuitive way. You can use a wide range of formats to create a data. With the use of different interfaces, you can create reports fast.

Creation of project
However prior to the creation of the report, it is important to know the process of creation of a project. For this, you need to install SQL Server Data Tools. It provides an environment to build SQL Service Reporting Services, SQL Server Analysis Services and SQL Server Integration Services projects. When you use SSDT to create a project, then the solution is immediately created. These solutions are container of a number of projects. SSRS, SSIS and SSAS projects are included here. An SSRS project will entail data sets, data sources and reports.

Advantages of SSRS 2012

Over the net, there are a number of tutorials for beginners that explain the steps that individuals should follow to complete a project of SQL Service Reporting Services. The SSRS 2012 has a number of advantages attached to it. The reports that are generated are perfect for printing and are compatible to different browsers. You can use familiar tools to generate these reports. The reporting services also help in creating an intriguing visualization of the data, which are ready for presentation at any given point. Management of reports is also easy with the new version, and you can scale it up in the cloud.


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